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Islam means submitting one’s will to the One true god Allah (Allah which is arabic for Oneness of God).

Who is Everlasting and Self Sustaining.

Everything depends on Him.

He is not begotten nor does He begot. There is none like Him.


This is a personal blog on Islam.

The blog was made to show how the religion Islam is a mercy of Allah swt.

The blog’s targeted audience are most muslim for obvious reasons

then non-muslim who are sincere to know about Islam from the muslims themselves.

The blog is not targeted towards internet Trolls.

The owner of the blog will try his best to present the truth with correct reference from good authentic sources.

And anything good from the blog is from Allah swt.

And any mistake if found by accident is from the owner and can be informed to the owner for correction if required.

Trolls wont be tolerated!

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